What Has Changed in Your Life Lately?

It seems like it’s hard to change our lives. Doesn’t it always end up being the “same old same old?” I realized the other day, that since moving to Mexico 6 years ago, my life has changed in many small ways. In a lot of ways I’m closer to being the person I want to be. There’s nothing like moving to another country to make you try news ways of doing things and to make you experience new ways of seeing things.

A Focus on Emotional Health 

One example of this is that my concept of health has radically changed.  The change has come about through a series of gradual steps, so I didn’t notice until yesterday when a friend mentioned that an acquaintance had developed painful calcium deposits on his bones. I instantly thought of all the stress and anger in his life and jumped to the conclusion that if he were to reduce the stress in his life and increase the joy, the calcium deposits would probably melt away. My friend gave me a clinically-based series of possibilities about calcium fixation in the body. I realized that a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to get beyond the clinical view point either. But why would his body fix too much calcium in the first place? Where was the lack of harmony coming from? Aparently my time in Mexico has allowed me to focus on my emotionial health.

The Ignore It/Deny It Health Care Method 

Another thing Mexico has taught me about health is that sometimes we fixate on it too much. Here in Mexico people can’t afford to be sick. They can’t afford the time off work; they can’t afford the cost of medications and doctor visits, so they just live with minor discomforts until they get used to them, they go away, or get so bad they have to deal with them. I’ve participated in this ignore-it/deny-it health care method and while it’s not healthy, it does make me less of a whiner.

A Broader Community of Friends 

I’ve had opportunities here in Mexico that I would not have had back in the U.S. Just being a “foreigner” makes me part of a community of people from all over the world. I have an Italian friend who is a silversmith and Reiki master, a Canadian friend, an American friend who knows all about early childhood development and teaching disabled children, and my Mexican friends tend to be world travelers. I took a dance course similar to pilates from a retired professional modern dancer and learned a lot about ballance, strength, coordination, and timing.

I’ve quit watching TV entirely and I read a much wider range of books than I used to. This being due to the fact that I read anything my family in the U.S. sends to me!

What has changed in your life lately? If you decide to work, live, or retire in Mexico you can count on your life changing in unexpectedly wonderful ways.


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