We Officially Kicked off the Christmas Season…

…With the Coca-Cola Parade in Cuernavaca

copywrite 2007 Julia TaylorI know, it’s kind of silly having Coca-Cola provide a large community even like that, but that’s how it is in Cuernavaca. (They also do our Christmas tree in our zocalo, much to my chagrin.) Anyway, I decided not to be a snob and enjoy the parade. 

My son and I walked to the start point (which is at the Wal-Mart — it just copywrite 2007 Julia Taylorcouldn’t get more commercialized, could it?) and joined the very packed crowd waiting for the show. About 90% of the children where spinning multicolored light sticks in their hands. Venders were working the crowd selling these along with Santa hats with reindeer antlers and flashing lights on them. I had already spent my money donating to the children copywrite 2007 Julia Taylorwho live at the Salvation Army home. They were all dressed in red sweaters, singing Christmas Carols in front of the Wal-Mart and looking quite adorable.

At approximately 6:40 — only 10 minutes later than advertised, the first floats appeared in the road and some colorful fireworks boomed and sparkled overhead.  100s of copywrite 2007 Julia Taylorchildren were instantly lifted onto father’s, mother’s, aunt’s, uncle’s and big brother’s shoulders.

The parade was short. It consisted of about 5 well lit floats with costumed people dancing on them and two decorated semi trucks pulling lit up displays. I had run into a neighbor with her two kids and after the parade copywrite 2007 Julia Taylorwas over we navigated the crowd (mostly headed into Wal-Mart) together, each finding our husbands on the other side of the area where traffic had been temporarily blocked off. Mine had hurried up on his bicycle after coming home and finding my note on the kitchen table. We hadn’t planned to see the parade but I had heard about it on the radio today. (When you copywrite 2007 Julia Taylorlive in Mexico it’s always a smart idea to tune in to the radio regularly to learn about community events.) Despite being unable to find us in the crowd he had arrived in time to see the parade.

I took the pictures included here while standing on the street, ballancing my son on my shoulders and keeping the empty stroller in check. They aren’t spectacular, but the nice thing about them is the way they show the crowd. Please don’t use any of these photos without my permission.

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