Walking on Smooth Pavement

This evening my son and I went out for a walk. A storm was coming and it made the sun less intense (though the air was muggy). He was in the jogging stroller with large wheels, purchased especially for Mexico to navigate the obstacle course sidewalks that we have. A man had parked on the sidewalk to hang a sign on a light post and I was forced out into the street. I noticed that there were no cars heading my way and I stayed out in the street. The smooth pavement felt so good under our feet and tires. It was such a relief not to be choosing the least rough route between cracks, ramps, and holes in the pavement; not to be avoiding dog piles and trash.

I thought that it was amazing that I’d never noticed how calm the traffic was at that time on a Saturday evening. Strangely more cars where going up than coming down, but I stayed out on the pavement, cruising along next to the curb, my sandals quietly, sturdily propelling us forward. I felt like I was in heaven. My legs were stretching as they hadn’t stretched in years! There weren’t even many parked cars to dodge.

My son quickly drifted off to sleep with the low, steady whirring of the tires. When we reached the light up the road, I saw that the road was blocked to traffic. Later I found out that they were painting and installing traffic calming “buttons” in front of a school up the road. Wow! I wish they’d do that every Saturday because I felt like blind people describe when they take their first walk with a Guide Dog–that they are practically running down the road, moving with freedom and unbelievable ease and speed.

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  1. markez linda Apr 15

    Just grabbed the feed… thanks for posting this.

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