Travel Professional Gladdened to find Mexico: The Trick is Living Here, … Calls Author “Brave”

Hi Julia

Jane (wife) and I have lived in Queensland Australia for the last 25years – we are dual Anglo/Australians. I ‘retired’ from 30yrs in the travel business sometime ago, but Jane has been trying to retire from her VP position … for about 2 years – they keep enticing her to stay! She has finally put her foot down….

We are both well travelled and have lived in a few countries over the years, but my years in travel have shown me not to rely on “travel guides” to give comprehensive information about any country. I realise that all travel brochures and guides are trying hard to ‘sell’ their destination, rather than accurately describe it. So, obviously, all must be seen as sweetness and light. Australia is a prime example of this.

It is seen as “un-Australian” to make derogatory remarks about anything Aussie. The glass-jawed populace get quite hysterical if you hold up a mirror to their shortcomings, and retaliate with venom, (it’s unlikely Harry Connick will be invited back soon!). So to write a book about the realities-of-life, in any country, is indeed quite brave – but totally necessary reading for anyone contemplating an extended residency in said country, to be enlightened beyond the ‘spin’.

I was gladdened, therefore, to find your expose’ on the realities of life in Mexico.

Jane was delighted with All of the insights you provided (I am still absorbing and cross referring all your info at a more leisurely pace) especially regarding medical insurance, bringing a vehicle into the country (we plan to fly into Houston, buy a car there, and drive down) and your experiences with banking and other utility bureaucracies.

Fortunately, we are in a position of retiring fairly comfortably, so we plan to travel all over Mexico, and not necessarily end up in one place. San Miguel de Allende will do nicely, for a few months at least, as an introductory base to explore from.

You may, indeed, use any of my comments/name in your referencing, if you consider them worthy of inclusion.

Kindest regards,
–Graham Papworth, Australia


Thank you very much for granting permission to use your comments on my web site.

I was surprised at how “shallow” the available information about Mexico was when we were planning our move in 2001. It was so fluffy it was useless to me when I was adjusting to Mexico. I finally had to write the book I needed–and all the credit for the depth of the book goes to my husband, of course. Whenever I thought I had it all figured out, he always had more to say on a topic!

Congratulations on beginning a comfortable retirement! Mexico is going to be a great place to be–especially since you are experienced travelers.

Kindest Regards,
Julia C Taylor

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