Travel in Mexico to Help You to Live or Retire There in the Future

Travel in Mexico to Help You to Live or Retire There in the Future

Travel in Mexico before making the life-altering decision to work, live, or retire in Mexico. A few in-depth travel experiences are necessary to choosing where and how you will live in Mexico, once you move here.

How Long Do I Have to Be in Mexico?

You should plan a series of trips for at least a week each. If you can, it would be better to be in one place for 2 to 4 weeks. The longer you stay, the more you get to know the transportation system, and begin to develop some habits that allow you to get to know restaurant owners and other familiar faces in an area.

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Spending a long time somewhere lets you feel the challenge of having to speak Spanish every day and to find out if you truly feel comfortable somewhere.

Once you find a place that you really like, visit it at different times of year. See if you can make an extended stay, renting a furnished apartment that lets you meet the neighbors, shop, and cook in your possible future home.

What Can I Learn From Traveling in Mexico?

1. Traveling here will allow you to pre-view different TYPES OF CITIES AND TOWNS.

Do you like a city environment, with all of the urban and cultural events that it offers? Travel to places like Mexico City, Puebla, Queretaro, or Gualdalajara.

Do you like a smaller, but still urban environement? Travel to places like Cuernavaca, Veracruz, Morelia, and San Miguel de Allende.

Do you want to be surrounded by an American expatriate community? Travel to places like San Miguel de Allende and Cuernavaca.

Do you want to avoid tourists? Try Zitacuaro, Michoacan and take the trip to see the Monarch Butterflies.

Do you want picturesque? Try Tepoztlan (near Cuernavaca, Morelos), Morelia, and Oaxaca.

Do you need surf, sand, and sun? Travel to the coast of Oaxaca, or to the Mexican Riviera.

Do you need to work once you move here? Try Mexico City or Queretaro.

e-book See below the surface of Mexico as you travel. Join the select few who understand something about this wonderful country.

2. Traveling here will allow you to pre-view different TYPES OF ENVIRONMENTS.

Do you want lots of sun and year-round hot weather? Travel to Los Cabos, Merida and Cancun.

Do you want cooler, more variable weather? Try Morelia, Zitacuaro, or places around Mexico City.

Do you need to see the changing light on the desert? Try Los Cabos.

Do you want to see smell pine trees and feel cool air? Travel to the states of Morelos, Mexico, and Michocan.

3. Traveling in Mexico will allow you to sample the excellent bus transportation system and let you learn how to get around.

4. A trip to Mexico is perfect to let you exercise your Spanish skills. You will learn if you need to study more and also if you actually enjoy communicating in your second language.

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5. As you travel you can get a feel for the cost of different items. Don’t forget to get off the beaten path and check the prices of things that you would need if you LIVE somewhere. It is one thing to spend $8.00 USD a meal when you are traveling for a week or two, but might be a whole other if you are living on a fixed budget or working for third world wages.

Stop in a grocery store and compare prices. Step into an electronics store and see how much TVs and DVD machines cost. Swing by a computer store and see if printers actually cost the same as they do back home. Call a couple of phone numbers on “For Sale” signs and check the asking prices for cute little houses.

What Kind of Trip Could I Take?

You could just have some fun relaxing on a beach. You could bird watch or go to see some pre-Hispanic archaeological sites. You could snorkel and kayak. Volunteer or take an eco tour. Also, I strongly recommend studying Spanish at a language school.

If you are interested in traveling in Oaxaca, Let the central valley of Oaxaca touch your soul.

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Interested in the Yucatan as a possible travel or retirement destination? Read Yucatan Living an online e-zine about living, working and traveling in Merida and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Mexico: The Trick is Living Here is an excellent read for anyone considering moving to Mexico as a seasonal snowbird or full-time resident. It is packed full of interesting stories and insights that will enhance the stay of anyone considering living in Mexico. I would highly recommend this book.”

–Douglas Gray, LL.B. Author of 24 bestselling books, including, the national bestseller: The Canadian Snowbird Guide (Everything You Need to Know About Living Part-Time in the USA and Mexico). The 4th edition is being released in the Fall of 2007, and is published by John Wiley & Sons. Vancouver, B.C. www.

Planning Your Trip

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