Fill Gas Tank in Mountains

When You Live or Retire in Mexico You can Fill Your Tank in the Mountains Where There are no Gas Stations.

You just have to know where to look.

When you decide to live or retire in Mexico, we can assume that you are probably the adventurous type and may want to get off the beaten path. Getting off the beaten path can take you well out of reach of a Pemmex station.

Plan to live or retire in Mexico?
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Yes, those folks up in the mountains need fuel, and no, they don’t drive down to the nearest town every time they need it. Someone re-sells them gas.

Start by asking people where you can buy gas. They will refer you to someone’s house or store. Here you ask for gas and ask the price ahead of time, just to be sure you don’t get a special “deal.”

Get out of your vehicle, say hello, be polite. Someone will come out with a funnel attached to a short tube and a pitcher of petrol. Watch them pour the fuel into your car then pay them.

Yes, the fumes are terrible. Yes, they usually have the gasoline stored inside their house or inside an attached room (for security). Yes, they have women and kids breathing the fumes 24/7. Yes, they touch it with bare hands. Yes, I’ve heard a story of a guy who lit a cigarette too close by and killed his little girl in the resulting explosion. Yes, they spill it on the ground with no concern to ground water.

Yes, you decided to live or retire in a developing Country.

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