Oaxaca Small Town Tourism

Travel in Oaxaca Vally Gives us A Lesson in Small Town Tourism Politics

As sometimes happens when one travels in Mexico, on the way into the Heirve el Agua park, we encountered some old men sitting by the road. They had a rope stretched across the pavement, and one stood up to lift the rope off of the ground as we approached.

One of the men explained to my husband that there was a cost for using the road through their town to reach the park. Luis engaged him in friendly teasing, but the old man was serious. Those people who were earning money from the park weren’t the only ones with the right to make money off of the tourism in Oaxaca. The road had been built through the cooperation of the towns people and they deserved money for the use of the road.

We paid our fee and after being issued a printed ticket, crossed the rope which was again lying in the road.

Before you head off on a travel adventure in Mexico, never assume that you have been informed of all of the costs and eventualities involved in the trip. There are always surprises.

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