This Many Canadians Can’t be Wrong — Mexico is a Great Place to Visit

There is no doubt in my mind: Canadians love Mexico.  Personally, I can tell because a huge percentage of Canadians that I talk to say that they have visited Mexico. Often they’ve just gotten back from a trip, or are planning one soon. This provides a noticable contrast to the Americans, who rarely express any experience with Mexico when they hear I’ve lived in Mexico for 7 years. For you Canadian readers, Mexicans may not all be able to visit Canada as much as you can travel to their country, but many have visited and many deeply desire to. Mexicans love Canada, too.

This peaked my curiousity and I’ve been trying to research the numbers of Canadians who actually retire in Mexico. So far all I could find was the statistic on Canadians who have visited Mexico in 2007 and vice versa. Canadians logged 1,019,000 visits to Mexico, spending 11,146,000 nights there. 230,000 Mexicans visited Canada in 2007 spending 4,212,000 nights.

source: Statistics Canada.


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