Sunday Tianguis

Tianguis is a Nahua (Aztec) word for temporary market. Due to it’s Aztec roots, the word is most often used in central Mexico. We have lots of tianguis here in Cuernavaca. (The word is the same both plural and singular according to Wikipedia.) There is one that forms near el Centenario park on Sundays and my husband loves to go there just to look at the stuff. One day I took my camera along to practice discreetly getting shots of people being people.

After deleting the pictures of the back of my husband’s head, I had a few good ones. Here are some of the shots of regular people in Morelos just going about their business. I particularly like the one of the toddler in the walker guzzling pop.

Take a walk with us in the crowd. Feel the warmth of the hot sun on your head and shoulders.  Smell the tortillas heating on the comal. Watch the babies watching you from the safety of their parent’s arms. Experience the way the light changes color depending on the tarps overhead. Squeeze through the traffic jams of people going two different directions. Feel the heat and heavy smell of pork rinds deep fat frying in huge vats. Much a refreshing thick slice of cool jicama on a stick.

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