Safety — Prevention

Safety in Mexico:
Focus on Prevention

The more you network with the people around you, the more safety you will enjoy in Mexico. Being in contact with your neighbors will prevent crime. In fact, one of the reasons for favor relationships is mutual security. Here in Mexico, neighbors do actually know and watch out for each other. Also, if you pick the right neighborhood, people know who should and should not be around your house.

Also, if something does happen, they can offer support, advice, and important connections in navigating through unfamiliar legal issues.

Most people here are safety conscious—at least in a neighborhood block-watch kind of way. It’s not that they wouldn’t drive without a seatbelt or hold a lit firecracker in their hand; that’s a different kind of safety that Mexicans don’t seem to believe in.

When you are outside of your neighborhood network, use the old rule of “safety in numbers” to protect yourself. Don’t go off alone.

When you first move to Mexico, you should get onto the website of the US consulate nearest you and register with them.

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