Safety — Kidnapping

The absolute,
number one,
most nightmare-inducing safety issue in Mexico
is kidnapping.

And it happens. I met someone who was a victim and have heard 4 second-hand, but too close for comfort stories. A friend who knows various extremely rich people in Cuernavaca tells me that they have body guards. They have to be concerned about their safety. Morelos has one of the highest rates of kidnappings in Mexico. There are a lot of rich people here.

A former governor of Morelos was supposedly even involved! Mexico City also has a very high rate of kidnappings and shorter go-to-a-cash-machine-nappings. Other areas throughout Mexico also experience them. The police and judicial system have been fighting this crime, and it has reduced in frequency. If this is better, I’d hate to see worse!

The good news for us foreigners is that mostly Mexicans are targeted. Though, one English businessman was killed last year in a kidnapping. The good news for parents is that mostly adults (or young adults) are targeted. We are also talking about extremely rich people. One TV star was kidnapped and told his story in a special interview on TV.

As with rapists, one of the perpetrators is usually someone relatively close to the victim. Extended family members sometimes give the needed information. To top it all off, the police might be involved. It seems that survivors usually come home AFTER the demanded payment has been made.


Don’t look and act too rich.

Don’t tell ANYBODY how much money you have.

Don’t tell ANYBODY if you sell a large property.

Change your daily habits regularly so that it isn’t easy to grab you on your daily walk.

Register with the US consulate nearest you. The contact information is online.

Do the things above, then try not to worry about your safety. It’s hard, but life is risky anyways.

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