Safety — Children

Here is some safety advice for safe children in Mexico:

Sometimes when we are in a new place, we aren’t as attuned to the possible dangers that exist there. Luckily the safety precautions for children that you should follow in Mexico are the same ones you use back home.

Don’t let them out in the street if you’re not watching and/or are not secure in your neighborhood network.

Keep your eyes on them in public places.

For teens consider an escort in taxis.

For safety at home , teach them to lock the door to the house.

Tell them that “stranger rules” apply here.

If they go somewhere with someone else, be sure you really trust them.

Special note: Private schools here won’t release children until their parents or guardians pick them up at the door. Traffic is actually blocked on streets when long lines of parents in their cars form in front of their children’s schools. An attendant or teacher stands in the doorway with a microphone and announces the child’s name. The children—even the wee little ones—have to listen for their names and run quickly to the door where another teacher helps them to pile into their parent’s car and places their book bag in there with them. Safety is a high priority in areas where kidnapping is common.

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