Safety — Cars

Car Theft
is Shockingly Common Here.

To avoid loosing car theft you…

…MUST lock it at all times.

…MUST use a steering wheel “club” at all times (when your car is parked : ) ).

…MUST have a removable stereo face and remove it at all times.

…MUST have insurance that includes theft protection.

…MUST have a locked, off-street space in which to park at night.

…SHOULD park in manned parking lots.

…SHOULD not leave anything valuable in it.

CAR THEFT, ONLY WORSE. There is a lovely park in the mountains of Morelos where cars are stolen at gun-point. I have learned through 3 second-hand stories about it and know it’s not just one story being told and re-told. In one case a child was almost taken along with the car. Families are held at gun point and forced to remove their shoes, then the car keys are taken and the car is GONE.

Sometimes in the US our cars give us a false sense of security. Here, in remote areas, they might be a liability. When you are traveling, park in established lots where there are other people around. Or find a place near a home or business. In Mexico, there really is safety in numbers.

If you haven’t read David Eidell’s wonderful article on safety in Mexico mentioned on safety through the people, I recommend it.


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