Retired folks in Cuernavaca Mexico

There are a number of retired expats from the U.S. and Canada living in and around Cuernavaca. Some of them have an open table at a restaurant near the zocalo where they meet every day at 11:00 a.m. over coffee, beer, fruit juice, or whatever you may desire. The conversation is lively, honest, and all in English (though most of them do speak Spanish).

I finally went down there and said hello to them. They were very warm and enthusiastic. They made me and one of my family members welcome and instantly opened up more space around the table for us to sit with them. Many of them have been in Cuernavaca for 20 years or more and most of them even like Mexico. (hee hee).

Some of them kindly gave me their contact information. I hope to interview them to learn more about what went into their decisions to retire in Mexico and what they like and don’t like about it.

Meanwhile, if you get to Cuernavaca before I can do the interviews, you can find them daily at 11:00 seated in the restaurant on the north side of the zocalo. They always sit at a table near the green iron railing and they’re always interested in meeting new people.

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