Live or Retire in Mexico: Spice up Your Holidays

Live or Retire in Mexico and Spice up Your Holidays 

One of the best reasons to live or retire in Mexico is to enjoy all of the wonderful Mexican holidays. The holidays here always have a community flare that will make you feel welcome and very glad that you decided to retire in Mexico. Best of all, they always include tons of delicious food.

Holidays provide a glimpse of Mexico’s traditions, both pre-Hispanic and post in ways that “regular” days don’t. In general, many holidays are set on dates found in the Catholic calendar, yet many of the foods and activities strike me as having a strong pre-Hispanic influence.

Your new friends and neighbors will want to share the traditional foods, (some of which are made only once a year for that holiday) with you. It’s a chance to connect with your new community and make friendships. Plan ahead for this by leaving time open for spontaneous activities. People will pop up with plates of food and invitations to come join them and their families at parties. You’ll want to say “yes.”

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There is a cost to all the community celebration, so set some of your retirement savings aside to spend on holiday events. I’m always amazed at the amount of money Mexicans will spend on parties, even when they don’t have much. No cost is spared in treating their guests to excellent hospitality. As you become part of a network of friends and family who celebrate holidays together, you too, will want to be able to pitch-in for foods, drinks, and Styrofoam plates (it’s an Environmental night-mare, this Mexican party thing).

About the Holidays

“What’s Christmas going to be like when I live in Mexico?” may not be the most frequently asked question before people retire in Mexico, but it’s an important one emotionally. Click on the link and read all about what people, do and eat at Christmas.

How might I celebrate the Day of the Dead once I retire in Mexico?” One of my favorite holidays in Mexico is the Day of the Dead. Now that I live in Mexico, I’ve added it to my list of events I love to celebrate. After you retire here, you might be glad for the chance to add this to your list also.

Let the celebrations begin!


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