Retire in Mexico: Health Care Insurance

Formal Health Insurance Coverage in Mexico
for Retired People

Living or retiring in Mexico, if you don’t feel comfortable taking all of the risk for payment of your health services through private coverage, you could opt to pay for a formal health care insurance plan that would cover you in case of unforeseen, large expenses. These plans are sold by insurance agents and paid to large companies such as ING or Mapfre.

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Retired people will know that when you are over 64 you can no longer qualify for coverage. It’s the same in Mexico. If you are under 64, here is a basic outline of formal healthcare insurance in Mexico.

There are two plan types, which are generally sold as seperate policies. The first is “Gastos Medicos Mayores” (Major Medical Expenses) and the other is “Gastos Medicos Menores” (Minor Medical Expenses).

Gastos Medicos Mayores

“Mayores” is for the big stuff like accidents and long term sicknesses. …

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Gastos Medicos Menores

“Menores” is for the yearly stuff such as doctor’s visits, preventative health, lab tests, etc. …

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