Retire in Mexico: Private Hospitals

Retirement in Mexico
and Health Care

Private Hospitals

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Savvy retired people will be asking, where do these private doctors treat their patients in emergencies? The answer is that there is an extensive system of private hospitals at which private doctors provide services. Just like doctors, the hospitals vary in cost, quality, and variety of services provided.

At first, these hospitals will strike the recently retired in Mexico as more like clinics. They are generally small, often converted buildings with jury-rigged ramps, etc. Each hospital hires it’s own receptionists, nursing staff, and cleaning staff. They also own the equipment there, such as X-ray machines and other things that most of us take for granted will be at hospitals.

One of the reasons Mexicans give for having IMSS insurance is that the large IMSS hospitals in Mexico city are better equipped than private hospitals. They reason that, if they are at a hospital, they want to be sure that the necessary equipment will be available on location.

If you have a special condition, such as diabetes, it would be smart to list all of the hospital equipment that you may need….

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