Live or Retire in Mexico: Bank Survival Guide

Live or Retire in Mexico
Bank Survival Guide

For your future convenience when you decide to live or retire in Mexico, I am providing the following suggestions:

Top 5 Things to Do While Standing in Line at the Bank in Mexico

1. Read a paperback novel.

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2. Do an isometric exercise routine.

3. Make a grocery list.

4. Count your blessings.

5. Sing (just kidding)

* To make the best of number 1, before you live or retire in Mexico, buy a bag or purse that will easily hold a paperback novel. Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

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  1. Loraine Sep 2

    Wow, I thought it was just me! Yesterday I went around to the banks looking for basic info. to open an account, I usually had to wait at least 10 min. but at Bancomer, I had to wait about 45. I was so tired, I couldn’t stop yawning! And they didn’t even provide the printed detailed info. I needes, she just jotted down a few requirements. My best experience was at Scotiabank, which happens to be Canadian. Figures.

  2. Julia Taylor Sep 2

    It’s not you! The time I spent the least amount of time in line at the bank was when I took my infant to transfer money from one bank to another. We had just stood in line at one bank for 30 minutes and I had a fair bit of cash in my pocket when we got into the back of a long line at another bank. My baby started fussing, but I didn’t want to go home without depositing the money, so I stayed. He got louder. People looked at us a little. then he got really loud! They waved me to the front of the line and we got out of there in minutes! Mexico may be bad at customer service in banks, but its a great place to be with children because everyone has them and everyone understands!

    Good luck picking the right bank for yourself.

    Kind Regards,

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