Queretaro, Queretaro Seems Very Livable

This weekend we went to visit friends who live in a small town near Queretaro. I’ve always wanted to see Queretaro, so they took us downtown for a couple of hours, just to look around. In the small amount of time that we were there, Queretaro impressed me.

In Cuernavaca, Queretaro is famous for being clean and inexpensive, while having lots of employment opportunities that pay as well as in other places. In other words, it is known as a place where your earnings will buy you more. From what I could tell, Queretaro lives up to this fame.

We had to look to find litter in the streets and the intersections were open, with the streets wide enough to travel. Downtown the sidewalks were wide enough to walk comfortably, and there were little pedestrian islands to make crossing wide street safer. The park in the zocalo was perfectly manicured, and even more importantly, it was shady and quiet. The downtown area was inviting to shop because the shops were clean and looked nice, without that crowded feel that makes Cuernavaca such a pain to shop in. I felt like I could comfortably stroll around and go into any shop that interested me.

My husband, who can always remember the prices of things, found a few things that were cheaper than Cuernavcaca. Right off the bat he bought himself a hat for working in the sun.

We went to the market and I was impressed that it was large and “had everything” but was MUCH cleaner and brighter than el Mercado Lopez Mateos in Cuernavaca. The meat and fish section didn’t hardly stink and the floor wasn’t muddy. I gave it the old “bathroom check” and was happy with the cleanliness–the floor was even dry and it didn’t smell, but in the end it failed the test due to a complete absence of soap!

The roads in the whole state were in good repair and easy to travel. My husband commented that he felt like he was back in the states due to the ease with which he was driving.

While a few hours in the downtown area isn’t enough to judge a city by, I think I would live in Quereataro if I had it to do over.

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