Poverty Syndrome Is Getting Me

When you live or retire in Meixco it is important to either keep your expenses quite low by owning your own home, not owning a car, eating at home, and/or living in un-popular regions or to have a high enough income in dollars to fully cover the lifestyle you want to live. Mexico is famous as an inexpensive place to live, but if you can’t live or retire in dollars your limited earning power can make it feel very expensive.

For single people on an adventure it’s lovely to face the challenges of living on your earnings in Mexico. For retired people the lifestyle can be a real improvement over what you would have in the U.S. or Canada on the same pension, but to support a family can be more difficult. Currently, we are living on my husband’s income while I am a stay-at-home mom (my meager earnings from this web site are enough to keep me working on the project, but not enough to really improve our standard of living). I’m starting to understand parts of poverty mentality.

Here’s one way this poverty mentality is working on me: If I were to return to work, I’d increase my effort level greatly. I’d have to iron clothes, do hair dos, get up at a certain time in the morning, shower without fail, cook meals at night to prepare lunches, etc. If I were to run out of water or experience any other of the plethora of challenges that crop up in Mexico I wouldn’t have the time to deal with them calmly and patiently, not to mention my patience level with our little son. Since I’d be doing all of that for less than 1,000 U.S. dollars a month I just don’t get motivated to go out there an get my nose to the grindstone. It’s easier to just stay at home and try not to incurr any costs.

So I tell myself that I’m using my time wisely to lay the foundation for an illustrious career as an author.

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  1. Steve Oct 1

    Keep it up Julia, you will have an illustrious career as an author.

    This is how J K Rowling did it!

    Good luck!

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