Potholes Filled for Tips

We took a quick trip to Michoacan this weekend. On the way there we traveled through some high mountain villages and we noticed that the road is getting quite worn out in many of these. Because the road is a narrow two-laner with no shoulder, it is kind of like doing a moving puzzle to guide your vehicle around the potholes without going outside of your allotted area of blacktop. There is a lot of breaking, swerving, and gear shifting involved in it and travel becomes exhausting.

Just moments after my husband exclaimed about how the government had to get up there and fix the road, we passed some men with shovels standing in the middle of the road. They had filled the potholes with soil from near the road and were collecting tips from drivers for the service.

This is quite illustrative of Mexico and how things often work. When something needs to be done the people who should do it often don’t, so some people who want to do it do it but it doesn’t turn out quite as well as if the people who should have done it had done it.

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