Photo Shows Overlay of Modern and Traditional in Mexico

As part of my research for an article on Pulque I visited a local tlachiquero (person who cultivates Magueyes and extracts their juice) and he kindly allowed me to take photos of him and his field. Below is a photo that I took on that day. It struck me for it’s wonderful combination of modern and traditional Mexico.

modern and traditional Mexico copyright 2008 Julia Taylor

The traditional realm encompasses the setting — a field cultivated without the use of power tools, the Magueyes which have been grown there probably for centuries, the head strap Don José is using to carry his container, the small size of both of these Mexican men, their brown skin, and the way they are conversing (which is distinctly Mexican, but can only be observed in person). The modern realm encompasses the clothing they are wearing, their baseball caps, and the fact that my husband is using a rebozo to carry our son, which traditionally would be used only by women.

I just get such a kick out of this photo. When you retire in Mexico, it is fun to observe the richly-textured combination of modern and traditional elements that coexist side by side in every situation.

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