Morelos Re-plates Vehicles… Again

Sometimes there are surprise costs when you retire in Mexico. Before you get here it’s hard to imagine what those might be, but the state of Morelos gives us a perfect example. When the government (or governor, as the case may be) needs more money, one of the ways they can get it is by changing the license plates on each and every vehicle registered in the state. They call this reemplacamiento (or re-plating). This means that within a certain time-window owners of vehicles must go and purchase new license plates for their vehicles. In 2005 this was done. Now in 2007 (we have a new governor) “they” are doing it again. This means that vehicle owners must pay around 500 pesos, plus the usual tenencia (license fee). If 50 dollars doesn’t sound like a lot to you, that’s because you aren’t earning in pesos. 500 pesos is a lot of money for most Mexicans.

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