More on Speedbumps (topes) in Mexico

I love to hate topes and I couldn’t resist writing this in my blog. A Canadian lady (Canadians travel to Mexico a lot, bless them) just told me that she heard they were called sleeping policemen. Funny huh? I wish I could come up with a joke about sleeping policemen, but I can’t.


  1. Gerardo Moreno García Jun 21

    Really, really bad. Topes, the Mexican authorities’ answer to their own incompetence.
    Es pésimo el uso de topes, es un mal nacional absurdo, una práctica tercermundista y retrograda. Me siento esclavo y rehén de los topes y me apena que ustedes como invitados a nuestro país también lo sufran. Soy mexicano, y me avergüenza que tengamos topes. Estos obstáculos hacen que vayamos en retroceso y perdamos competitividad en una economía cada vez más globalizada.

  2. Julia Taylor Jun 23


    I’m sorry to pour salt on the wound!

    No tenga vergüenza. Mexico is such a wonderful country, providing a great example of how to treat people, guests included. It’s worth it for me to deal with topes because I’ve learned so much and I like how my people skills have improved since I moved to Mexico.

    Now your point about the globalized economy… I agree there. People need the roads to enable commerce as well as less expensive and more responsive phone service in order for the country to reach it’s full potential.

    Poco a poco se va lejos.

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