Mexicans Know Home Remedies

One of the really fun things about living in Mexico is learning all of the great home remedies that people know. Some of them will positively make your eyes roll — especially if you are new to Mexico and still going through culture shock, like how if you eat an avocado and then get angry, it will make you sick. Both my dear friend and dear husband swear by this one. Since I don’t get made often 😉 I can’t say if this is true or not.

I find the tea remedies to be actually useful. I mention the one for diarrhea in my book, but there are two others that I personally love because they work for me.

For insomnia:

Make yourself lettuce tea and drink just as you are heading to bed. I feel this wonderful wave of relaxation wash over my body when I drink it. (Note: I’ve only used leaf lettuce and don’t know if it works with iceberg).

For an uncomfortable tummy:

Basil tea. Ahhhhhh.

See, retiring in Mexico can improve your quality of life. (I know, you are thinking, “now I know why I’ve been sick so much. I’ve had avocados just before getting mad lately.”)

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