Live or Retire in Mexico: The Weather Runs Your Life

When you live or retire in Mexico be prepared to let the weather run your life. You usually don’t notice how closely life is tied to the weather, even in Mexico, because the weather is usually sunny, but let the weather change a bit and you really feel it. It’s a nice thing about living or retiring in Mexico that you might not think of while you are making your plans to move to Mexico. Because our climate is generally more extreme in the U.S. and Canada than it is in Mexico, we have to have houses with heating systems and insulation. We have ample electricity that is rarely cut off due to storms or other events. Our water is heated in our houses and runs through insulated pipes. All of this conspires to keep us isolated from the weather and we loose touch with the turning of the seasons. When you live or retire in Mexico, hopefully you will have enough money to live in a comfortable house that has some of these same conveniences, but even if you do, I think you will notice the effects of the weather on your life more strongly than you do up north.

Here’s how you might find that the weather affects your laundry plans when you live or retire in Mexico: 

Laundry is commonly done outside in Mexico, which, provided that you have  a shaded are in which to work, is really pleasant. The only problem comes when it rains. If it rains no laundry gets done. Sometimes we have storms of three days, so for three days, we can’t wash anything. Since there is no heat in the house, things that are wet stay wet. Dish rags and bathroom hand towels get smelly in the laundry basket or look sad and droopy hanging on the clothes line for days. Heaven forefend that you have a load of laundry to hang up when the storm starts. Then you have to figure out how to hang the items in your house and hope they will dry before they smell like mildew. Short term weather forecasting becomes part of the laundry process during the rainy season when you live or retire in Mexico.

Here’s how you might change your showering schedule when you live or retire in Mexico: 

The weather also controls showers. When it’s hot it’s best to shower in the afternoon, which is something that retired people can really take advantage of since they don’t have to be at work. It’s deliciously refreshing to remove the day’s sweat from your body then put on clean, dry clothes. The timing of the shower is important because if you take it late enough to catch the cooling trend in the afternoon or evening, you can stay fresh until the next day. When it’s cold, you again take your showers in the afternoon when it’s warmest. In the morning you might just get chilled and in the evening your wet hair could cause problems by not drying soon enough before you go to bed.

Hopefully you are pleasantly surprised by these two ways in which you can reconnect with the earth and its processes when you live or retire in Mexico.

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