Live or Retire in Mexico: The Sounds of Fun

When You Live in Mexico Get Used to the Sounds of Fun.

As I write this post, I am listening to the competing sounds of two different parties! To my left, on the other side of my wall, my neighbors are celebrating one of their family members’ 78th with mole, pop, and a little bit of tequila. They are chatting, one of them is strumming on a guitar, and others are singing. My tummy is full of rice, mole, and tortillas and I think that I hear my husband’s voice chiming in with the old timers from time to time. The only reason I’m not their listening in is because our son needed a nap and is snoozing his way through the evening.

To my right, across the ravine, someone is having a huge party with a D.J. and probably fireworks. The music is blasting and I’m imagining people dancing with friends and family. One thing you can’t be once you retire in Mexico is an old coot who hates music and fun–because you’ll be grumpy all the time! Only Americans could have invented the term “noise pollution.” Mexicans don’t care if others are tired of their music, they have celebrations to celebrate!

Mexicans have these wonderful songs that generations of people know and can sing. Even the young people know these songs and can at least sing parts of them, if they want to. They’ve been hearing them at holidays and parties all their lives. It can make us, as new arrivals in Mexico feel a little left out.

Take heart. You’ll hear those songs so many times, that given a few years, you’ll at least recognize a handful of them. Have I been in Mexico a long time? Yes. I can sing along to two or three of them. My cultural knowledge is expanding nicely, don’t you think?

When you live or retire in Mexico, ask your new friends and neighbors to loan you their old songs so you can listen to them and become familiar with them. They’ll get a real kick out of it.

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