Mexico Named the World’s Top Retirement Haven in 2007

Mexico Tops Global Retirement Index

If you think you want to retire in Mexico, here’s another reason to plan it. The number 1 country for retirement abroad in 2007, according to is Mexico. Of course, those who are already retired in Mexico aren’t surprised! “We give top priority to those things that matter most to anyone planning for retirement….” reports Laura Sheridan of International Living in reference to their yearly Global Retirement Index.

The Global Retirement Index considers 8 factors of common concern to retirees or those planning their retirements. The most weight goes to the 4 factors which will have the strongest effect on the retiree’s pocketbook. 75% of the Index weight goes to cost of living, health care, special benefits, and real estate. The remaining 25% is covered by entertainment, infrastructure, safety, and climate.

Quick Guide to the Global Retirement Index:
1.  Cost of living — 20%
2.  Health care — 20%
3.  Special benefits – 20%
4.  Real estate – 15%
5.  Entertainment, Recreation, and Culture – 10%
6.  Infrastructure – 5%
7.  Safety and stability – 5%
8. Climate – 5%

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Isn’t it nice when someone gives you statistically analyzed support for what your heart knows to be true? It’s a good idea to retire in Mexico.

Sheridan emphasizes Mexico’s Geographic/Climactic diversity as one of it’s greatest advantages as a retirement location because, “[E]verybody can find exactly what they want.”

As the Index tells us, Mexico perfectly combines low costs, geographic variety, modern convenience, pleasant climates, and, well … fun! Sheridan writes, “[w]hether your vision of the ideal retirement involves shopping, fishing, sunbathing, diving, biking, mountain climbing, parasailing, collecting crafts, visiting archeological sites, partying, going to concerts, attending the theater, or fine dining, in Mexico you can engage in all of these activities, and many more.”

Hey! You and your spouse can retire in Mexico together and both get what you want. Don’t have a spouse? There’s plenty to do in Mexico.

What about those “Special Benefits” which receive 20% of the index’s weight? Mexico allows people who are over 60 and hold valid residence visas to participate in its senior discounts program. Discounts are often up to 50% and are offered for services such as health services, bus and airline tickets, and admission to cultural events.

You haven’t yet reached retirement age? Perfect! As Sheridan stresses in her article, these factors weighed by the Index are factors which are important in retirement planning. If you dream of retirement in Mexico, then you can begin to take steps toward that dream today. For example, you could purchase real estate and begin planning your dream home. Don’t wait, though, because sometimes when a country becomes popular as a retirement haven real estate prices increase.

Finally, here’s what makes special: The author reminds you that Mexico isn’t only about low prices and luxury living. Mexico is about growing and changing. About getting to know yourself better while learning a new language and culture. If you really want to retire in Mexico, take some time and enjoy Mexico. If you are going to pick the best retirement destination for you, you have a lot of fun traveling to do. (Remember, it’s a diverse country.)


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