Live or Retire in Mexico: Outdoors

Live or Retire in Mexico and Enjoy a More Outdoors Lifestyle

One of the joys when you live or retire in Mexico is the amount of time that you can spend outside.

As at many houses in Mexico, our washing machine and hot water heater are outside. We spend quite a bit of time going in and out of our house to use these appliances and are therefore in close contact with the stars, the cycles of the moon, the birds that visit our garden, and the neighbors.

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At a friend’s house we sometimes go out onto their porch to do preparation work when we are cooking meals together. There is more room, a breeze, and a wonderful view out on their porch. That and the ants stay outside when they come to see what may have fallen down into their territory.

Choose Your House for Outdoors Access When You Live or Retire in Mexico

House hunting in Mexico should include considerations for how you will get outside to enjoy Mexico’s warm climate. A nice garden outside your kitchen or living area, if well-connected by an open doorway will add a lot to your ability to move in and outdoors.

Mexico’s weather is warm and sunny – sometime too sunny, so when you are selecting your home or planning your patio area, consider shade. You won’t go outside if you have to be in the full sun.

You Can Have a Container Garden When You Live or Retire in Mexico

If you don’t like gardening all that much, or choose to live or retire in Mexico in a house with a relatively small patio, you can still do a lot with potted plants. A container garden is fun to care for and you can purchase some beautiful pots made by traditional artists that add color and style to your patio area.

Ask around to see if there are greenhouses (viveros) where you can buy plants for your yard. Plants are a lot less expensive at the greenhouse where they are grown and you can ask the people who work there to tell you how to care for the plants that you select. It’s fun to experiment with new plant varieties that you didn’t have back home. It’s also sometimes nice to pick a familiar plant that will remind you of home and help you to feel connected to your previous life.

Live or Retire in Mexico With FLAVOR

Mexico’s year-round warm weather makes cultivating herbs a real option. We are able to enjoy pesto regularly because the basil in our yard just goes and goes. An additional pleasant surprise that came from the basil is that some hummingbirds like its flowers!

Garden for Humming Birds and Butterflies

I suggest that you select flowers that humming birds and butterflies like. We really enjoy watching these exquisite creatures visit our flowers. It will make you feel so blessed to be in sunny Mexico when you can enjoy their presence in your patio area. Just remember NOT to use PESTICIDES in your garden. Plant a variety of plants and use other organic gardening techniques.

Make Yourself a (Mosquito-Free) Reading and Chatting Area

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when you decide to live or retire in Mexico, you decide to be part of a new community. Be available to your neighbors to chat. Leave your gate open sometimes, if the layout of your house lends itself to this. When people see you out and about in your patio area, they will stop to say hi. Greet them warmly, invite them to sit with you and enjoy some lemon aid or some cold beer.

When friends and family come to visit you, you will want to hang out in the shade in your patio area. On hot days, you may want to get out of your house and into the air. Taking a book out to a comfortable chair in the patio can be oh-so why you decided to live or retire in Mexico. BUT mosquitoes can quickly change your plans. If you can, see if you can invent a way to deter them. Maybe screen in an area, or buy one of those mosquito nets designed to go over a bed. Plant a citronella plant and rub the juice from its leaves onto your ankles. Buy smoke things to burn to scare them off (one brand is called “raidolitos”). Whatever you can think of, just remember that if you don’t use chemicals in your yard, there will be more birds to help you by eating all sorts of bugs.

As I write this, my husband is outside working on a carpentry project and chatting with a neighbor who has come by to “saludar.” They are breathing fresh air and maintaining social connections.

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