Live or Retire in Mexico: Precious Moments

Live or Retire in Mexico: Precious Moments Make it Worth It

One reason to live or retire in Mexico is so that you can see things you wouldn’t see back home.

Yesterday I saw one of the loveliest things I’ve seen in a long time. I was in a two-story book store and glanced out the window, which overlooked the back yard of a large house next door.  

A young man was pushing a lawn mower back and forth accross the grass. On his shoulders was a little girl.

They were both very intent on the mowing. She leaned forward over his head, watching the work in progress. When he turned the mower, he would reach his hand up to her foot to help her ballance.

Every time I peeked out the window I would expect to see that she had gotten down, but they mowed the whole lawn together. A two headed mowing tower.

Mexico: The Trick is Living HereWhen you live or retire in Mexico I can’t promise you that you’ll see a two headed mower, but I do know that you will see lots of other precious sights.

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