How Many Shoes Do You Have in Your Closet?

I’ve been thinking about shoes. Some people in Mexico have only one pair of shoes. Some people — especially trendy young women — have lots of shoes! Some children in Mexico don’t have any shoes. Since I’ve lived in Mexico, I have more than one pair, but I generally only wear my comfortable sports sandals. In December it finally gets cool enough for me to break out the others. I’ve been battling the inevitable stinky feet syndrome from the noxious combination of sweat and plastic with antibacterial soap and a special sandal dedicated scrub brush. So far I’m winning.

Imagine how sad it would be to not be able to buy your child shoes. It’s also a pain to wear ill-fitting shoes, but people do a lot of that here. I’ve seen some women wearing shoes that let their toes touch the ground in front of the shoe and others with the back sticking out behind their heel. Nobody seems to worry about this, though it would be a major thing back home. In my case, my sneakers are quite dilapidated. If I were still in the U.S. I’d surely have bought new ones to protect my feet and knees from the “inevitable” damage that they would surely (but don’t seem to) suffer. Is that because I mostly wear those stinky sport sandals?

When you live in Mexico and start to take it easy, some things you formerly considered a necessity don’t seem so important any more. You’re just grateful you have more than one pair of shoes!!!

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