Gas Prices Aren’t as Bad in Mexico: You Could Still Take a Road Trip If You Could Stand the Speedbumps

Think you want to visit Mexico to see if you want to retire here? Well, why not go on a little road trip? (Note: don’t do this until you’ve read my previous blogs about the topes and the police.)

The most expensive gas in Mexico is currently $9.07 pesos a liter or approximately $34.36* pesos a gallon. That’s only $3.43 a gallon (US dollars). What a deal — unless you’re trying to make a living on Mexican wages, of course. Magna is a little over 7 pesos a liter.

And, I know you were wondering… a liter of Milk is $10.30 or about a dollar.

* 1 liter = 0.264 gallons

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