From Refrigerator to Cabin

Now that I live in Mexico my house doesn’t have any heat. During the winter months our house is actually quite cold. It gets into the 60s and even though that doesn’t sound cold to people who live up north, if you think about it, it is cold. If you sit outside in the shade on a day that is 65 you eventually start to shiver, right? Now imagine that you are acclimated to 80 to 90 degree weather. Well that’s what happens in my house! To top it off I am sitting on the cold tile floor with my little son to play and read books. The cold soaks right through our clothes and I have a worse time keeping him warm than myself.  We have to wear lots of sweaters and warm socks.

I had started to think of my house as a lonely refrigerator. Now my mother-in-law has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks and we are moving around more and chatting a lot. Now the cold house reminds me of a cabin. When I was little my parents used to take us to the mountains to ski and a couple of times we got to rent a cabin. Wearing the sweaters and socks and hats inside reminds me of those fun times. The memories connected to this makes me feel more like the holidays are coming up and it’s fun.

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