Experienced Expat Says…

“Dear Julia,

“I love what you have done with your book. I wish I had had this when I first moved to Tepoztlan in 1993 (I lived there 3 + years and Puerto Juarez 3 more years). I taught classes and workshops/trainings in NLP, communications and body therapy.

“A book like yours would have facilitated several of the embarrassing “gringo” situations I experienced. AND saved me a lot of ‘personal experience’ learning.

“Good for you!

“Sincerely, Daniel”

If anyone on your Christmas list wants to retire in Mexico, you should give them my book! You don’t even have to leave your house to buy it. You can download it right this minute and either print it out or burn it on a CD (please respect my copyright and only make one copy) and you’ll have one loved one checked off of your Christmas gift shopping list! How easy and thoughtful.



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