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Many people who develop an interest in Retiring in Mexico do so after developing friendships with Mexicans who come to live and work in the U.S. The stories of these international friendships are often quite touching. Whenever I hear about Mexican immigrant stories, I often find myself tearing up because I share part of that experience.

A dear reader of and Mexico: The Trick is Living Here, Glen, shared the story of his friendship with an illegal Mexican immigrant to the U.S. and it became the inspiration to develop a collection of these stories.

If you have a story about Mexican immigrants that you would like to share, please write to Feel free to change names to protect the privacy of those about whom you write.

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Here is an excerpt from Glen’s story:

Dolores had never driven a vehicle of any kind and he was soon driving one of the little tractors on the farm. He wanted to go to Wal Mart in Hopkinsville, Kentucky every weekend for groceries so I would take him and soon had him driving both ways. He would work for a couple of months then take a bus home to Mexico.

In 1993, I told Dolores that the next time he went home, I was going to take him. I had no idea where Acambaro Guanajuato was, but we went….

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