Even a Lawyer Liked it: She’s Planning to Retire in Mexico and Here’s What she had to Say


I read (speed) your book last night. […]

Your keen sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself shone throughout and helped me navigate helpful chapters like the one on immigration status that a lawyer has to admire. I can tell that you’re dedicated to eating well, and  have to confess that your graphic account of the neighborhood markets was frightening. Your depictions of the hearts of your Mexican neighbors, especially when your husband was injured in a bicycle collision, were poignant.

Thanks for introducing me to your Mexico. I took my kids once to a Club Med back in the early 90’s (they’re now [in their 30s]) and didn’t have a chance to experience anything Mexican.

But I’m traveling to San Miguel de Allende at the end of June, brushing up on some high school Spanish, and looking forward to the experience.

You have the gift of writing as if you were speaking to the reader. I look forward to reading (and paying for) future books/articles.

Thanks for everything,

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