Duct Tape in Mexico

I come from the land of duct tape. Where I come from there are even songs about things being held together by duct tape. Once, as a girl, I tried to make an above ground swimming pool with black plastic, plywood, and duct tape.

The other day my sister was visiting from up north and she saw that the backrest on my son’s high chair was splitting open.

“You probably should put duct tape on that,” she suggested.

I realized at that moment that it’s been years since I’ve seen duct tape. Ever since I used the “spare” strip on my water bottle after we moved here 6 years ago, I haven’t had any in my house. In fact, no one has duct tape in Mexico, rusted wire or glue being the preferred repair tools here.

Then, today in the hardware section of the grocery store I saw a small roll of silver tape. I looked closer and realized that it even had the little strings running horizontally and vertically through it. Yes, it was duct tape.

Guess what it was named. Cinta Americana (American Tape), of course.

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