Dancing Children

One of the things that I love about Mexico is that people of all ages interact with each other on a daily basis. My landlord has a son, daughter-in-law, and niece visiting him and his granddaughter this evening for dinner. His daughter-in-law is cooking dinner and she and the granddaughter just went past our gate, headed to the store for tortillas, where they took the time to stop and talk to my little son who is outside.

“Come here little beautiful.” They called.

“Say hi. How are you?” they crooned as they reached out to him through the fence.

learning to danceMeanwhile, the niece is teaching the five and two-year olds, who live next door, to dance the waltz. The three of them have flowers on their heads and she is telling them how to hold their hands and to move their feet. “Watch the steps,” she is saying.

They don’t forget about my son, who is watching through the fence. Sometimes they call him by name and tell him to pay attention. If he falls down, they go to the fence and encourage him to get up. He holds on to the fence and giggles along with them.

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