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Topic: Bus Travel From Mexico to the U.S.

Date: Wed, April 02, 2008

Hi Julia,

I am traveling through Central America and Mexico this summer and I need to take to get from Guanajuato, MX to North Carolina by bus at the end of July. I am having a really hard time finding out approximately how much a bus ticket from Mexico to NC will cost, if I should book one before I leave the U.S. or when I’m there, and what company I should go with. If the bus ticket is really expensive then I would rather fly back, which is why the price is so important. Do you have any idea how much that would cost or where I could find this info?

Thanks so much!!
Brianna Mullis

Dear Brianna,

I doubt that there is a direct bus from Guanajuato, Guanajuato Mexico to the U.S. I think you will probably have to go to a larger city and then transfer to a bus that goes there. You could try Querertaro or Leon, but I think the best place might be Mexico City.
One of the companies that runs a lot of bus lines to the U.S. is Estrellablanca. You can see their web site at: Some of the functions on the site don’t appear to work, but the site claims they are connected to Greyhound and two other bus lines that provide service inside the U.S. I think you should call them. One of the questions you can ask them is if you can get onto a bus that has come from Mexico City as it is passing through another station. Their reservations phone number is (011-52)-555-729-0807. I don’t know if they have personnel who can help you in English, but they should.

It is next to impossible to get any information about destinations served from bus stations other than the one in Mexico City because the stations don’t appear to have web site, but you can also see the Mexico City north bus station web site for more information and to see each bus line that leaves from there and search their destinations. Look at Estrellablanca (and its subsidiaries Transportes Frontera, Futura, and Turistar), Transportes del Norte, and Transportes Norte de Sonora (T.N.S.).

There is a service from Queretaro to the U.S., but the information I found on line doesn’t say the destinations. Their information is:
Autobuses Americanos
Salidas a los Estados Unidos todos los días.
Central de Autobuses Querétaro,Querétaro
Tel̩fono: 442 Р2290003
[To dial this number from the U.S. dial 011-52-442-229-0003.]

In general it is not necessary to purchase your bus tickets more than a day or two in advance. In fact, I recommend that you do not purchase them just in case you have some kind of delay in your trip. You can get tickets from Guanajuato an hour or 30 minutes from when you want to leave to Leon, Querertaro, or wherever you are going. You may want to purchase or reserve tickets to the U.S. a day or two in advance so you can get good seats. Just remember that Mexico isn’t like the U.S. where every little thing has to be planned in advance.
I couldn’t get any prices to come up on Estrella Blanca’s web site, but you can surely get those by calling. Oh, when you are in Guanajuato you can ask the local people which route is best to take to the U.S. Not all highways and not all bus stations are the same and they will know which are the most comfortable and provide the best service.

I hope that this is enough information to help you to plan your route. Enjoy your time in Mexico.

Sincerely, Julia Taylor

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Hi Julia,
Thanks so much for your advice! It really helps, I’ll call Estrellablanca Thursday. I speak Spanish so it should be fine. Feel free to publish my question/your answer on your website. You can use my name too.
Thanks again!