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You might be becoming Mexican if…

 …one of your child’s first words is “boom” because they hear so many bottle rockets on holidays.

…you aren’t surprised when there’s no water in the bathroom.

…you hang your clothes over the fence to dry—even if it’s barbed wire.

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…you expect getting a package from the post office to require at least two trips.

…the playboy bunny on a sign on the bus that says “the operator of this vehicle is trained in safety and customer service” doesn’t surprise you.

…you know what phase of the moon it is because you have to go outside early in the morning to light the hot water heater.

…you wear a prom dress with flip flops to go to the market for tomatoes.

…you know you have to buy baking soda in the pharmacy.

…you have a rosary, fringe, or deer’s hoof hanging in your car.

…you call the bank back home and are surprised when they answer the phone in English.

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