Last Night I Wished I Was in the U.S.

Last night I felt such relief flooding through my body. Maybe now I won’t have to be imbarrassed to say I’m from the U.S. any more! The U.S. foreign policy has gotten so toxic and unpopular it was shameful to be American–how SAD. For once I wished I was in the U.S. and could take to the street shouting and cheering. Let’s get back to being the United States of America we should be. Let’s be part of the world, not against it. I hope that Obama can meet our expectations.

This Many Canadians Can’t be Wrong — Mexico is a Great Place to Visit

There is no doubt in my mind: Canadians love Mexico.  Personally, I can tell because a huge percentage of Canadians that I talk to say that they have visited Mexico. Often they’ve just gotten back from a trip, or are planning one soon. This provides a noticable contrast to the Americans, who rarely express any experience with Mexico when they hear I’ve lived in Mexico for 7 years. For you Canadian readers, Mexicans may not all be able to visit Canada as much as you can travel to their country, but many have visited and many deeply desire to. Mexicans love Canada, too.

This peaked my curiousity and I’ve been trying to research the numbers of Canadians who actually retire in Mexico. So far all I could find was the statistic on Canadians who have visited Mexico in 2007 and vice versa. Canadians logged 1,019,000 visits to Mexico, spending 11,146,000 nights there. 230,000 Mexicans visited Canada in 2007 spending 4,212,000 nights.

source: Statistics Canada.


Q & A: English Language Library in Cuernavaca?

Occasionally I have the honor of responding to individual people’s questions about Mexico. The question and answer below have been posted with the permission of the original questioner:


I have visited Cuernavaca with my children this past summer and we hope to return for a month this coming summer. I just discovered your website and am enjoying browsing through it, finding ideas for our adventures. One concern that my boys (10, 8, & 4 years old) have is that they are AVID readers–often reading a book or two in a single day–and they are so worried that they will run out of reading material if we are there for a month! I told them I would try to find out if there is some sort of library that might have books in English for them to borrow while we’re there. Do you know of anything like that? I’d appreciate any tips!

Thanks, Tricia Patton

Hello Patricia,
I’m glad you are enjoying my site and thank you for your note. It’s always good to know that people find it useful. Have you found my articles on places to visit throughout Morelos? Those might be of particular interest to you and your family.

Your boys have a good concern and they are in luck. There is an English book library created and managed by Newcomers Club. You can contact them for more information. There are also some book stores in Cuernavaca.

Enjoy your trip. It sounds like you are all going to enjoy it very much.

Sincerely, Julia

P.S. They might not have many books for young readers. Your littlest may have trouble finding books he likes. They can fill you in, though.

Thanks so much!! I’ll check with them about the books for preschoolers.  Malcolm (my youngest) is actually perfectly happy to re-read the same 8 books over and over and over and over, so it’s not quite as much of an issue as it is for his older brothers!

Thanks again, Tricia