Another Trip to the Bank Almost Brings Me to Tears

So I went to the bank today to deposit a check. The check had been hand written in fancy ink. My wallet had fallen in the toilette a few days ago (this is a long story that involves my son). I put the check into my wallet last night and this morning discovered that my wallet was still a little moist and the ink had spread slightly.

At the bank once again there was no air conditioning. It was at least 90 in there. After waiting 15 minutes for my turn it took the reps 20 on the phone to ask permission to accept a previously moistened check. My son was hot and bored and crying. I was out of “fun” ideas to help him pass the time. After denying the check they spent another 5 minutes filling out paperwork for a second transaction that I had to do. By this time I just put my head down on the desk and tried not to start crying myself. I literally asked God to help me feel happy when I lifted my head off of the desk.

The customer service guy decided to give my son a little soft ball with the bank’s logo on it. We thanked him a lot and got into the second line to see a teller. After biting some chunks out of the foam my son started to throw the ball across the room. This is when it got fun. A man in line in front of us went to pick it up. He picked it up over and over and over. My son was having fun. I was feeling cared for and supported. The guy in line behind me started to giggle when I said that my son’s ball was from HSBC, the world’s slowest bank. When the guy in front of us went to a teller, the one behind us started to pick up the ball.

The whole time I was at the teller he was picking up the ball then hiding it in his sleeve or behind his back, then distracting my son in order to slip it into his stroller. We really had fun. Thank goodness for Mexico’s good, kind, people.

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