Amanda Hernandez Gives Mexico The Trick is Living Here a Big “Thumbs Up”

Hernandez recently moved to Mexico from the United States. Her blog of January 19th was a review of our very own Mexico: The Trick is Living Here! I was so fortunate that she was willing to write the review for me.

With her permission, here is a little of what she had to say about the book in her email to me:

I have to say it helped me in so many ways.

I loved the section on culture and it helped me to not feel like such a dummy when I read some of your stories about you and others you know.

Thank you so much for your book. …[A]fter reading it, I feel so privileged that you let me read it.

Again I can’t thank you enough or explain how much this has helped me to cope.


I’m so glad to know that other people find my book as useful as I thought it would be when I was writing it!

You can read Hernandez’ review of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here on her blog and you can get your own copy of the guide on how adjust to life in Mexico here on my web site.

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