Christmas Posada in Small-Town Mexico

A Christmas Posada
in Small-Town Mexico:
Lots of Children

Once we spent Christmas in a small town in Michoacan, Mexico where the birth rate is still exponential. In that town the posadas are only for the kids. Someone sets up which houses will be visited by “Mary” and “Joseph,” in which order, and who will host each day’s posada. Those houses which will refuse entrance to Mary and Joseph have to make about 50 bags of candy to give away that night.

At the appointed time kids from all over town arrive at the correct home. The children don’t even notice the tiny entourage of faithful who remember what Christmas is all about as they go from home to home singing with their cute teenaged “Mary” and stiff adolescent “Joseph” (who knows how they talked HIM into dressing up.) When it’s time to give out the bags of candy someone makes all 200-some kids line up. They stay lined up for about 2 seconds, then it’s a mob of kids running about and seeing who got the better “aguinaldo.”

My husband and I attended these posadas, enjoying the punch and candies along with the kids and their teenaged chaperones.

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