I Can’t Make Sense of the Irony

If you’ve already retired in Mexico, you may have had a chance to attend el grito, the independence day celebration, in your nearest zocalo. If you are like my husband and I, your first grito, was your last! We’ve long since given up attending el grito due to the lack of crowd control and the real danger of being hit by a stray bullet shot by a drunken celebrant (let alone a police bullet!).

What an amazing contrast between the celebration in Mexico City that was tense and rocky with political discontent and those up north, such as the one in Portland, Oregon. I wasn’t at the celebration in Portland, nor any grito, for that matter this year, but I looked at the pictures on the internet and the event in Portland — celebrating the experience of being Mexican, but cradled in the safety of an American city is more my speed.

That’s just wrong.