Hi Julia,

I bought and read your book in April, 2008, in preparation for my move to Mexico.

Yes, I fell in love with a Mexican and have never regretted one moment.

I found your book informative, but I could read your frustration on many of the pages. And, now I understand why!!!

Much of what you wrote about I’ve experienced. Just yesterday we waited in line for 2 hours and after getting to the window the person said we were in the wrong line and the wrong building. And, of course, this is AFTER we asked where to go! Same thing with directions. At least on that problem we’ve realized that we have to ask at least 3 people & if 2 match then we go with it…still might not get us where we want to go but our chances are better.

Thanks for writing such a wonderful book that helped me understand what to expect. It definitely helped with the culture shock!

-Kim McGill

Ah, Thanks Kim. That’s why I wrote the book.