A Great Tip For “Thinking in Pesos”

I am enjoying Kathy Olivas’ Mexico by RV: A Step by Step Guide to R.V.’ing in Mexico and I found a good tip in her book. Many people have trouble “thinking in pesos” as she puts it. Kathy’s idea (on page 66) is to make up an index card to keep in your wallet with different amounts in pesos and their equivalent in dollars on the other side (and vice versa on the other side of the card). She suggests, 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, etc. and then jumping to 100 dollars. Of course you sit down and use the current exchange rate just before you leave on your trip.

This would be helpful when you start shopping and your head starts spinning when asking prices, getting them in pesos, thinking in Spanish and English, converting in your head into dollars; you just get a little short circuited sometimes! Plus, sometimes, you hear a high number like 50 pesos and your gut tells you to run away from such an expensive item, forgetting that that’s around 5 of your own currency.