More on Speedbumps (topes) in Mexico

I love to hate topes and I couldn’t resist writing this in my blog. A Canadian lady (Canadians travel to Mexico a lot, bless them) just told me that she heard they were called sleeping policemen. Funny huh? I wish I could come up with a joke about sleeping policemen, but I can’t.

Women’s Images in a Small Town in Michoacan

After living in Cuernavaca for a few years, I’ve become accustomed to the way women look. On our last visit to a small town in Michoacan I was struck by the differences in the common “look” of younger women. In Cuernavaca women have “longish” hair. They don’t have short hair, but they have it shoulder- or upper back-length. Often they have layers or some other style. In the little town in Michocan where my in-laws live women have long hair. some even down to their buns. I’ve seen buns wrapped at the back of their heads that are almost as large as their heads!

Dresses and skirts are also more popular in Michoacan than in Cuernavaca where pants or miniskirts rule.

I know this isn’t an earth shattering or even important topic for my blog, but I’m hurting here. My computer crashed, I haven’t been able to get to an internet cafe…. Excuses, excuses.

Ice Cream: Is That a Good Enough Reason to Retire in Mexico?

Can Ice Cream really be important enough to cause you to retire in Mexico?

ice cream: copyright Julia Taylor 2008

I say YES! It should be.

I just can’t say enough about the ice cream in Mexico. Actually, the ice cream I get doesn’t have any cream in it. And that’s just another reason it’s so GREAT. You can always get something excellent made with fruit and water. Here is a recent cup of nieve de limón that I had the pleasure of savoring. Notice the little bit of real lemon pulp sitting on top there. I was playing around with the macro function on my camera to see if I could share this important, but tiny detail with my readers. I’ll let you judge my photography, but don’t look at the picture too long. Your mouth might start watering. If you haven’t yet moved to Mexico, I’m so sorry to torture you.