Not Quite Convinced By the Fruit Flavored Water? Well, Retire in Mexico and Enjoy Smoothies

Even more often than the waters mentioned in the previous blog entry, I tend to make smoothies, or liquados, which we eat for breakfast in my family. These are creative things in which you can use any sweet fruit you want. I avoid adding processed sugar so I always include a really sweet fruit, such as bananas or mameys. If you don’t know what a mamey is, you are missing out, but you’ll have to read my e-book to find out. I combine more than one fruit whenever I have a chance. Apples are good liquado fruits. So are melons. Most people add milk, but I think milk is for baby cows, so I add water and a handful of almonds. Cinnamon and vanilla are good things to add to liquados, too.

When you Retire in Mexico you Can Enjoy Delicious Fruit Flavored Water

If you need something to convince you to finally retire in Mexico. I suggest that you consider the ‘small stuff.’ Little details such as fresh fruit might just make you decide to make your dream come true.

Imagine sipping a lightly sweetened, ice cool drink on a hot day. You put the drink to your lips and you taste real melon, or the tang of lemon aide, or something wild like the flavor of a flower petal, called Jamaica. In Mexico people make juice-like drinks, which they call agua (water) to accompany their meals that are probably what kool-aid was meant to be. Did our grandmothers make these drinks for our mothers and fathers but leave the next generation out? Anyway, Mexico has this one right.

Here’s How to Make “Waters”:

Wash, and chunk up any edible fruit. Toss the fruit* into the blender, fill the blender with water and run it like crazy. Pour the licquified fruit into a serving container. Add sugar to taste or more water, if desired. Put the drink into the fridge to cool or pour it over ice cubes^.

*Some fruits, such as guavas, go a long way and you only need to put a small amount into the blender. Other fruits, such as melon, you might want to add a couple of slices to the blender. You can pick the amount. Remember, you are not making a smoothie here — hey! good idea. I should write about smoothies in my next blog entry — you are making a water.

^Starting with cold fruit and cold water can also make the drink instantly cool.

Oh the Fly Bites

I’m getting good at handling mosquito bites. If I only scratch them once, they go away in about an hour. The bites I can’t handle are the ones caused by these sneaky little flies, that are like the ones called whitesocks in Alaska. You don’t feel it when the fly is actually biting you, but later you feel this intense itchiness. Not only are the bites more itchy, they are very long lasting. They have little red spots in the middle and last for at least a week, sometimes two. Ug!