Tomorrow is Worker’s Day in Mexico–and the Start of a 5 Day Weekend for Some

May 1st is worker’s day in Mexico and tomorrow people are taking a well deserved day off. So, if you are retired in Mexico, just relax; banks are closed, schools are closed, you name it is closed–it’s quiet out there.

SEP (the public education system) is giving students an unheard of 5 day weekend starting tomorrow. Since Thursday the 1st and Monday the 5th are holidays, they are canceling classes on Friday and calling it FREEDOM! So if you are traveling, take it easy and expect lots of traffic and delays. The great thing is that it’s a perfect weekend to stay home and enjoy your new home. Expect parades and fun events in your zocalo.

Tacos al Pastor: A Major Benefit When You Retire in Mexico

tacos al pastor copyright Julia TaylorHere are some photos of one of Mexico’s best treats. One of the benefits when you retire in Mexico–that you can’t get anywhere eslse are these delicious tacos served hot and fast, called tacos al pastor. The thin strips of pork are seasoned and mounted on a spit. A pineapple is placed at the top. The cooked meat is sliced off directly into the tortilla by the experienced taquero (man who makes tacos). Finally, he quickly snicks off a slice of warm pineapple and it flies down into the taco forming in his left hand.

tacos al pastor copyright Julia TaylorNext, he puts finely chopped onion and cilantro onto the taco.

tacos al pastor copyright Julia TaylorHe has to sharpen his knife regularly to keep it sharp.
tacos al pastor copyright Julia TaylorThe tacos are served with a variety of salsas so that you can put your favorite one(s) on. Many people from outside of Mexico forget to squeeze on the fresh lemon juice. This is the most important step, so don’t fail to try it.tacos al pastor copyright Julia Taylor

Then you fold up the taco and hold all that delicious stuff inside.tacos al pastor copyright Julia Taylor


We were watching the parrots (these ones called loros) eating from the seedpods from our neighbor’s Guamuchil tree (also called a Pinzan, and who knows how many other names it has). They are such interesting birds, with real characters. When we have our own house in Mexico some day I want one of these trees because there are ALWAYS birds visiting it. People can eat these too, but it’s not the seeds you eat. It’s the white spongy stuff that surrounds the seeds. Here are some pictures. Please don’t copy and paste them without permission.copyright Luis Soto 2008
copyright Luis Soto 2008
copyright Luis Soto 2008
copyright Luis Soto 2008